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Writing Center Facts

People are talking about the Writing Center, and most of it is fantastic praise! (Thank you!) But sometimes we still get questions about who we are and what we do. We'd like to share some of those facts with you.


FACT: Our consultants have expertise in a wide range of content areas. Our staff in the past few years have had majors or minors in Biology, Chemistry, Education, Environmental Studies, Human Services, Medical Technology, Nursing, Political Science, Social Justice, Spanish, Psychology, Women’s Studies, and more! They're selected to work in the Writing Center because of their writing skill and aptitude for working with students like you.


FACT: We work with writing at every phase of the writing process, from the beginning all the way to a final draft. You can come with just the assignment prompt and your own ideas. Sometimes clients get the most from sessions where the consultant and student collaboratively brainstorm.


FACT: We help writers of all writing skill levels and at all stages of their educational experience, from first-year students up through thesis writers. Many WC staff members make appointments with our own consultants to work on their own writing.


FACT: We help you make your own writing better. Most of us have had the experience of a well-meaning roommate (or sometimes even professor) who has tried to tell us what our paper should say, even if we didn't agree with that. However, this is not how we work in the Writing Center, and if you ever feel like the consultant is making suggestions or leading in a direction you don't want to go, we want you to tell us that! Consultants work collaboratively and do not take control or direct the session. In order for learning to occur, we need active participation from you! That is how you will get the most out of the session. Ideally, the consultant will ask guiding questions, answer your questions, offer suggestions, and provide support to fellow writers.


FACT: The WC can assist writers with all types of papers, projects, assignments, and personal work. This includes resumes, scholarship and application essays, GRE written portions, resumes, class assignments, creative writing, etc. We are trained readers who are ready to give you the feedback you crave and to help you improve your writing.


FACT: Writing Center consultants help writers get better at identifying and correcting their own errors by working side by side on their writing. WC consultants are dedicated to helping writers better understand the writing process. In order to meet this goal, consultants work with writers to identify issues with correctness and then teach writers how to correct these for themselves. That way, when you are writing your next paper or assignment, you'll know what to do. Then in your next session in the WC, we can work on something else. We're never finished with the task of becoming better writers...that includes the consultants!


FACT: The WC is free to all students! It is funded in part by Differential Tuition and in part by the College of Letters and Science. We hope students will take full advantage of our services because in the real world (after college) professional writing consultations and editing come at the cost of $25/hr or more (search Google for "editing service" to see for yourself). Why not take advantage of the WC to learn to write better now?

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