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Writing Guides and Handouts


So, it's 9:30pm on a Wednesday, your English professor has assigned for tomorrow morning a three-page paper on contemporary gender roles in Jersey Shore, and you're staring at a blank page (the same blank page you were staring at an hour earlier, when your friend posted that video of a cat playing the keyboard on your Facebook wall). You have no idea where to even begin. What do you do?

More cat videos? Hardly. Why not check out some of this sweet content from the Writing Center to get those creative juices a-flowin'?

Drafting and Outlining

Our interactive Drafting and Outlining Guides cover a wide variety of topics, from forming a thesis to drafting a solid conclusion.

Choose the Right Word!

Having trouble remembering the difference between "affect" and "effect?" Check out our Choose the Right Word series to help clear up the confusion!

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