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Featured Links and Resources


For more sources about Writing Centers, click here.

Helpful Handouts

Writing Center staffers have consolidated their knowledge on helpful handouts you can read online, download, or print. Check them out by clicking here.


Helpful Texts for Writers

Need the new sixth edition of the APA Style Manual? The updated seventh edition of the MLA Handbook? Whether you are looking for these manuals or even the Chicago, ASA, or AMA manuals, we've got you covered. Stop by to use these resources during our office hours or check them out for up to two hours by leaving your Titan ID card with us until you return it.

We also have several handbooks for writers that cover the basics of English grammar and usage as well as texts you can read or check out that deal with writing in different disciplines, suggestions for those with trouble spelling, and much more.


Helpful Sites for Writing

Lots of writing centers and other experts have great advice about writing. Here are some of our favorite writing center sites:


Helpful Sites for Citing

In college-level writing, when you use another person's ideas, you must give that person credit. Most commonly, you'll do this by using a citation in APA or MLA Style. These are the two most common citation styles, but there are others. Most disciplines have their own, which means some majors (like political science or sociology) require students to use that specific discipline's style. When we say style, we don't mean altering your persona or voice in writing (i.e., my prof doesn't like my style). Instead, a style is simply a set of conventions for how writing should be formatted or how others' ideas should be cited. For help with the most common styles, see the following sites (for other styles, stop by to see the reference books in the Writing Center).

  • MLA help at Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab)

Remember that even if you use a citation generator like KnightCite or one within a library database, you will still need to consult a resource to be sure that the citation generator is correct. (Before you begin, you also will need to be sure you know what kind of source you are working with.)


Writing in Specific Disciplines

Some majors on campus have particular resources for their majors. A couple of these are listed below, but please check individual department Web pages for more examples.



Especially for Multilingual Writers (ESL)

The Writing Center works with multilingual writers, but those who want to work on specific language skills (outside of or beyond paper writing) should get to know Amy Jacobson, who provides English language assistance. Amy can help with English language concerns from written grammar to conversation to pronunciation to vocabulary. She works with students in the academic support suite of the Student Success Center along with the Center for Academic Resources and the Writing Center.

In addition, multilingual writers might find the following sites useful.

Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab)

Special thanks to Cara Chandler of Monument Charter School for her suggested site to add the following site to our list:


Especially for Graduate Students

Graduate students at UW Oshkosh should closely consult faculty about expectations for their written work. They also should familiarize themselves with the thesis manual provided by Graduate Studies.

Any graduate student not in the English M.A. Program (which uses MLA Style) might additionally review the APA tutorial, also noted above.

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