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How can I encourage my students to visit the Writing Center?


What does the Writing Center do?

The Writing Center aims to help students develop their writing processes and improve their writing, including work they compose for their courses.

Please encourage your students to take advantage of the Writing Center’s services. Instructor recommendation is the #2 reason students come to see us (word of mouth from other students is the first). You can help them get additional writing assistance by continuing to spread the word!


Who can visit the Writing Center?

Students of all levels of expertise can visit the Writing Center to receive feedback on their drafts, begin brainstorming, or work on specific writing issues.

All of our consultants are trained to work with undergraduate and graduate students. We also have specific training to assist students with learning disabilities, and we work with multilingual writers in partnership with English language support specialist Amy Jacobson.


Do students need an appointment?

Appointments are encouraged, but not necessary. We don't have set walk-in hours, so it's generally a safer bet to have an appointment scheduled. We take walk-ins if there is a no-show, if an appointment ends early, and if there was no appointment scheduled. The most likely time someone would be available would be about 15-20 minutes to the hour.


Can I send a student to have a paper proofread?

Consultants do not mark line-edits or corrections on students' papers. Instead, we work with students to help them identify, understand, and correct their own grammatical, stylistic, and structural problems.

We want students to improve at proofreading their own papers, and research suggests that working with students to correct their errors at their own pace is most effective for helping them improve.


Can I require my students visit the Writing Center?

The work of the Writing Center is done best when students come to the Center of their own volition. We find it best to encourage your students to visit the Writing Center, but avoid requiring it. When students are required to come, the learning process suffers. Also, we usually don't have enough appointments available for other students if an entire class is visiting at the same time.

Sometimes, instructors offer students extra credit or a deadline extension to visit the Writing Center. If you do this, have them find out (or tell them) what we do ahead of time. To enhance the effectiveness of their visit, many instructors have asked students to complete a short goal/reflection assignment discussing what they planned to work on and what they changed (or considered changing) as a result of their visit.


Will I find out if my students visited the Writing Center?

We only notify instructors of student visits if the student asks us to. If the student asks us to email their instructor, we e-mail you a brief summary about what they worked on in the session.

If you're looking to confirm that a student visited, you can ask them to ask us to email you. You could also ask them to forward you the email the Writing Center sends them after their session asking them to fill out a survey to confirm their visit.


Are there other ways I can encourage my students to visit the Writing Center?

If you would like a writing consultant to visit your class to give a five-minute presentation introducing the Writing Center, please fill out this form.

If you would like to talk about the Writing Center yourself and would like bookmarks to give students to remind them about our services, please fill out this form.

If you would like a consultant to come to your class to talk about a specific writing concept or skill or to work with students during a peer review activity, please contact the Writing Center director, Dr. Crystal Mueller.


Thank you for helping to spread the word about the Writing Center, and please feel free to e-mail Dr. Mueller about any concerns or questions you have about the Center.

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