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Helen Bannan Women's Studies Award

The Helen Bannan Scholarship is presented each year to a Women's and Gender Studies major or minor who has been nominated by a faculty member.  

Nominated students are asked to write a brief (two to three page) reflective statement explaining why they chose the minor/major, and how pursuing the degree has contributed to their intellectual and/or personal development.  

Nominated students also submit two papers that they have written in Women’s Studies courses. 

Hannah Hildebrandt

[Hannah Hildebrandt, the 2009 winner of the Helen Bannan Women's Studies Award, with Christie Launius and Susan Rensing]

Helen Bannan Women's Studies Award Winners

2013     Allison Abel

2012     Ashley Lamers

2011     Katie Witz

2010     Jennifer Blaha

2009      Hannah Hildebrandt

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