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Helen Bannan Women's Studies Award

The Helen Bannan Scholarship is presented each year to a Women's and Gender Studies major or minor who has been nominated by a faculty member.  

Nominated students are asked to write a brief (two to three page) reflective statement explaining why they chose the minor/major, and how pursuing the degree has contributed to their intellectual and/or personal development.  

Nominated students also submit two papers that they have written in Women’s Studies courses. 

Hannah Hildebrandt

[Hannah Hildebrandt, the 2009 winner of the Helen Bannan Women's Studies Award, with Christie Launius and Susan Rensing]

Helen Bannan Women's and Gender Studies Award Winners

2015     Michelle Kampa

2014     Travis Brace, MaryKathyrine Tran

2013     Allison Abel

2012     Ashley Lamers

2011     Katie Witz

2010     Jennifer Blaha

2009      Hannah Hildebrandt

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