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Transfer Students

USP is efficient, cost-effective and designed to support transfer students' success.

Welcome to UW Oshkosh!

Many students on this unique campus share an academic journey that is similar to yours. Nearly 40% of our students transfer to UW Oshkosh!  Your instructors are glad to have you in their classes and your advisors are ready to assist you as you plan for deep learning, new friendships, and great enjoyment while progressing toward college graduation.

Check out the Transfer Student Guide to the University Studies Program.

Beginning in Fall 2014, students who transfer to UW Oshkosh can expect:

  • a learning community tailored to their needs.
  • supportive relationships with UW Oshkosh's teaching community and staff.
  • resources and a free transfer student short-course to support their academic success.
  • speedy assessment of courses to be transferred to UW Oshkosh from other campuses.
  • easy-to-use electronic learning portfolios to keep track of their journey and success.
  • connections with their local communities.

29 and Fewer Credits

Considered a freshman transfer student, you are required to take all USP Quest courses and the Connect course.

A course-by-course audit, in addition to courses approved for direct transfer by the Admissions Office using the UW System Transfer Information System (TIS), allows credits for courses completed at other institutions in communication, writing and other disciplines corresponding with Explore course expectations.

Please Note: You enroll in Quest I or Quest II courses but are not required to enroll concurrently in the communication or writing courses if you enter with credit for those course equivalents.

30-59 Credits

Considered a sophomore transfer student, you will take a no cost Transfer Year Experience (TYE) designed to introduce you to:

  • the UW Oshkosh campus
  • a learning community of other transfer students
  • the range and value of available campus activities and resources
  • the value and goals of a Liberal Arts Education
  • the UW Oshkosh Signature Questions

In the TYE orientation, students get to know one another and are welcomed into the campus community through two face-to-face gatherings and an online community, as you become familiar with the opportunities, resources, and academic expectations at UW Oshkosh. The TYE online interaction will take about 4-6 hours and can be completed at times you choose during your first seven weeks on campus. In addition to the TYE, sophomore-level transfer students take a Quest III course with other non-transfer sophomores. These fascinating courses get you out into the community, contributing and learning with an alumni mentor. Explore requirements are determined after the Admissions Office conducts your course-by-course audit or uses the TIS (Transfer Information System) to guide decisions about the courses you have already completed.

60+ Credits

With this number of credits, you are not required to take the Quest sequence or TYE. The Admissions Office will determine for you the credits that transfer course by course through an audit or by using TIS. If you have completed an approved associate’s degree, those credits automatically fulfill USP requirements at UW Oshkosh. In addition to the general education requirements (USP), transfer students will encounter additional requirements related to their chosen majors, minors (optional) and degrees [for example, Bachelors of Business Administration degree (BBA), Bachelors of Science degree (BS), Bachelors of Social Work degree (BSW), etc.].

UW Oshkosh advisors are ready to help you make a transfer plan that moves you toward your goals as you continue your academic journey.

Students Transferring Out of UW Oshkosh

If you are transferring to another institution, Quest I, II and III courses are coded with the discipline in which they are offered so that other campuses can determine how the courses transfer into their general education programs. All current and emerging UW System agreements related to inter-institutional transfer are honored by the USP.

For more information about transferring and USP, please read through the Transfer Students Frequently Asked Questions guide.