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USP Alumni Mentors

In the new approach to general education at UW Oshkosh, called the "University Studies Program (USP)," students will connect with a peer mentor in their first year and an alumni mentor in their second year. While students complete a community experience in their sophomore "Quest III" course, they are assigned an Alumni Mentor who will be by their side modeling learning and civic engagement in their communities.

Alumni Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

View this document for answers to many frequently asked questions regarding Alumni Mentors. Alumni Mentor FAQs

Community Experience

As part of USP, all students will take a “Quest III” course in their sophomore year that will include a Community Experience assignment. Right now, instructors are connecting with Community Partners to design these courses and experiences.

Alumni Mentors

We are delighted that UW Oshkosh alumni are interested in giving back to UW Oshkosh, to current students and to the community by serving as USP Alumni Mentors with students completing their Community Experience. USP Alumni Mentors will facilitate learning at the Community Partner site and contribute side-by-side with the students as they learn. USP Alumni Mentors will be role models, demonstrating civic engagement as they volunteer.

Community Experience Examples

Community Experiences for these courses are just now being developed. We expect great variety. This variety of courses, Community Experiences and Community Partners will affect the type of volunteer work that USP Alumni Mentors will do. Examples of potential Community Experiences include:

  • As part of an economics course, students will assist with financial literacy workshops at the Boys and Girls Club.
  • As part of a geology course, students will take soil samples and report the results to the City Council.
  • As part of a history course, students will interview farmers to gather and share an oral history of a rural community.
  • As part of a social justice course, students will travel to Washington, D.C. for a week to work in a homeless shelter.
  • As part of a communication course, students will perform oral interpretations of literature at a senior center.

Timeline for the development of the new USP Alumni Mentor program:

  • September 2013: Alumni can indicate their interest here on the USP website
  • October-December 2013: Recruitment of USP Alumni Mentors (specific information about each Community Experience and a Recruitment Form will be provided at that time)
  • January 2014: Matching of USP Alumni Mentors with Community Experiences/courses
  • Spring 2014: USP Alumni Mentor Training
  • Fall 2014 and beyond: USP Alumni Mentors begin to serve!

    Become an Alumni Mentor

    Graduates of UW Oshkosh are living proof that we value civic engagement, and our Alumni Mentors are some of the best examples.

    Let us know you are interested in becoming an
    Alumni Mentor

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