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Signature Questions

To build your intellectual curiosity, the University Studies Program (USP) incorporates three broad Signature Questions that are woven throughout the Quest and Explore courses.

As an incoming student, you will begin to question in a discipline-based first-year experience (FYE) course (Quest I) while concurrently enrolled in a second course focused on the skills employers repeatedly name as the most crucial to success in the 21st century (writing or public speaking). By enrolling in these paired courses during your first two semesters on campus, you are placed in small learning communities that begin to examine UW Oshkosh's Signature Questions.

How do people understand and create a more sustainable world?

Knowledge of Sustainability and Its Applications is the ability to understand local and global earth systems; the qualities of ecological integrity and the means to restore and preserve it; and the interconnection of ecological integrity, social justice and economic well-being.

How do people understand and engage in community life?

Civic Learning entails understanding political and nonpolitical processes that influence a local, state, national or global community and applying skills and strategies that can affect the life of a community in positive ways.

How do people understand and bridge cultural differences?

Intercultural Knowledge is the understanding of one's own culture as well as cultures beyond one's own; the recognition of the cultural values and history, language, traditions, arts and social institutions of a group of people; the ability to negotiate and bridge cultural differences in ways that allow for broader perspectives to emerge; and the skills to investigate a wide range of world views, beliefs, practices and values.

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