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Kalee KleinAge: 18
Hometown: Hazel Green, Wis.
Major: Psychology and Political Science

1. Tell us something about yourself. Help us to get to know you. One paragraph.
I am a really hard worker and I’ve had a job since I was 15. I love kids and spent quite a few summers babysitting and working at a daycare. I’m still very close with the family I babysat for and they’re like my 2nd family. Whenever I go home, I still have sleepovers with their 2 girls! Back home, I also work at Olive Garden as a host. Most days, I love Olive Garden and the people I work with. It’s definitely fast-paced. I hate being bored!

2. What surprised you about your first semester?
Because my Quest classes were smaller class sizes, I was able to get know my professors and they got to know me as well. The first week of classes, one of my professors met with each of us to see how our first week was going and wanted to get to know me.  Coming from such a small town, it was definitely a nice surprise.

3. What do you know now that you didn't know before you attended UW Oshkosh? Tell us something specific you learned.
My Quest class was Politics of Race and Sex. It was about electoral systems and how they can make a difference in Politics and everyday life. I was shocked by how often minority groups and women are discriminated against in our political system. It was a very eye-opening class!

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