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Meet April Gilane

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April GilaneAge: 18
Hometown: Kewaskum, Wis.
Major: Social Sciences

1. Tell us something about yourself. Help us to get to know you. One paragraph.
I had the opportunity to grow up in a small town, the type of town where everyone knew everyone, and if you did something bad, your parents would know about it before you even got home. Because I grew up in the country I always enjoyed the great outdoors. When I’m not inside reading you can find me out in the woods hunting the next big buck or enjoying a day on lake with a fishing pole in my hands. I would consider myself down to earth and easy going with a smile always tugging at my lips and a second away from laughter.

2. What surprised you about your first semester?
I would say it’s not like the movies. You would think college would be one large party. That’s always what the media has told us. But they are dead wrong. When you're in college you have to work a lot harder than you are used to. The teachers on the other hand are also different. They don’t baby you like you’re used to in high school, and they definitely make you work for your grade.

3. What do you know now that you didn't know before you attended UW Oshkosh? Tell us something specific you learned.
Something specific that I learned from being in Oshkosh is that if I want to succeed it’s all in my hands. Before, I had my parents and grandparents guiding me and telling me what was the right thing to do. If I got in trouble, my parents could get me out, and if I needed advice, I could ask them. Now my future is up to me.

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