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Quest III


Quest III is the final course in the Quest series and is taken in a student's second year on campus. Quest III courses are unlike almost any other on campus because they engage every student with the campus or the wider community.

Quest III courses present students with their final Signature Question through the use of community-based learning. In Quest III, students are encouraged to become contributors to their community by taking courses that not only give them disciplinary knowledge, but also hands-on experience with community partners throughout Oshkosh. These community partners enjoy a reciprocal relationship with our students: while the students gain from the activities they engage in at the community partner site, the community partner also gains from having students assist them in their various missions. The Day-by-Day Warming Shelter, the Oshkosh Community Pantry, Growing Oshkosh, the YMCA and our own Veterans Resource Center are just a few of the community partners who are working with our Quest III students.

Goals of the Community Experience

  1. Develop students’ teamwork and leadership skills
  2. Connect students more to the University and the local community through a community-engagement project
  3. Engage students in action that has benefits in real time and makes academic knowledge relevant and meaningful
  4. Enhance students’ ability to reflect on the relationship between their educational experiences and their actions within communities
  5. Promote students’ ability to engage in dialogue with and have empathy for community

Course Development Resources

As you prepare your Quest III courses, you may find the following documents useful.

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