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Common Course Requirements

During the workshop on May 22-24, 2012, the Sustainability Quest I working group confirmed that the following elements would be part of every course offered under this Signature Question:


  1. Course should introduce students to the sustainability learning outcome we use at UW Oshkosh.
  2. Course should introduce students to a definition of sustainability (we will provide a few definitions instructors can use, although they are encouraged to discuss the contested nature of sustainability and offer alternate definitions).
  3. Course should introduce students to the three "pillars" of sustainability and the connections between them, but courses only need to focus primarily on one pillar (although they can obviously focus on more than one if they choose, and are encouraged to do so).
  4. Note that disciplinary courses bear more responsibility for introducing students to definitions and pillars of sustainability than WBIS or Comm 111 courses, although all instructors must include sustainability in their course.
  5. Instructors are encouraged to integrate sustainability fully into their course, but the minimum requirement is that 25 percent of the learning goals and assessments for the course pertain to sustainability.
  6. The sustainability signature question should be included in the syllabus, and course description on syllabus should mention sustainability.
  7. Specific learning goals/outcomes for the course (including those related to sustainability) should be listed on the syllabus.
  8. At least one sustainability assessment/artifact from the course will be uploaded to the student’s ePortfolio.

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