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The Sustainability Signature Question

Instructor resources for the Sustainability Signature Question: How do people understand and create a more sustainable world?

"Genuine sustainability will not come from superficial changes but from a deeper process akin to humankind growing up to a fuller stature." - David Orr (2003), "Four Challenges of Sustainability"

Check out this growing resource, the UW Oshkosh Sustainability Resources webpage. It's our information 'hub' for sustainability resources related to teaching, learning, and understanding sustainability. Check back often for updates and new resources.

UW Oshkosh Sustainability Learning Outcome

Knowledge of sustainability and its applications is the ability to understand local and global earth systems; the qualities of ecological integrity and the means to restore and preserve it; and the interconnection of ecological integrity, social justice and economic well-being.

"Rail and Leaf" created by student Erica Breuer in Mary Hoefferle's fall 2011 Art 203 course.
Photograph of sapling growing from a tie on a railroad bridge.

Sustainability is about working towards a future in which all human beings can enjoy decent quality of life– good health, economic security, membership in strong and inclusive communities, the list goes on– while ensuring that we do not endanger the natural resources and environments upon which we depend. At its core, sustainability is about helping us live up to our fullest potential, as individuals and as a society. Making our way towards sustainability will involve addressing some very big and complicated problems– problems that will not have just single answers, or answers generated by single perspectives. Educating our students about sustainability means presenting them with multiple perspectives and teaching them how to critically evaluate the pros and cons, costs and consequences of the many options that lie before us. Sustainability is not about prescription, or about liberal or conservative points of view; it is about thoughtfully questioning, analyzing, and coming up with creative solutions. And isn’t this exactly what we want our students to be able to do?

Essential Learning Outcome
Responsibility, as Individuals and Communities: Knowledge of Sustainability and Its Applications

Sustainability Teaching Resources

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