What is MAP-Works?

MAP-Works is a comprehensive tracking and communication system that includes a series of student surveys.  These surveys allow us as a campus community to provide coordinated outreach and communication with students based on their responses to the survey, referrals from campus partners, and student tasks.  MAP-Works is funded by UW Oshkosh Residential Life and Differential Tuition with a goal to increase student retention and to help students successfully transition to life at UW Oshkosh.

How can MAP-Works help first-year students?

The MAP-Works Survey helps students identify behaviors and attitudes that may impact their success at UW Oshkosh.  Not only are they reflecting during the survey, but they receive immediate feedback with their results. At UW Oshkosh, we encourage all students to review their results and discuss them with someone they trust, a mentor, advisor, instructor, or friend.

When do students complete their MAP-Works surveys and get their results?

The MAP-Works surveys are short (5-20 minutes) and are administered three times, twice in the fall and once in the spring.  Upon completing the surveys, students and instructors have immediate access to their results.

Are the results of the MAP-Works survey compiled and shared?

Yes. MAP-Works data is compiled at the end of each semester after final grades have been uploaded.  We will share the first-year summary report with members of the USP teaching community.  We hope that this information will be helpful to your understanding of our students and their experiences at UW Oshkosh.

MAP-Works in the USP

As as Quest I instructor, you have already included information about the MAP-Works survey on your syllabus. Students receive an invitation to take the MAP-Works surveys via email, and we’d like to you remind and encourage students to respond.

Taking the two first-semester surveys is their first step.  After that, students need to review their results.  Because you are already planning to meet with each student, the student’s MAP-works results may make for a perfect conversation starter in those meetings. A student may also wish to share his/her MAP-Works survey result with his/her Peer Mentor.

Want to know more about MAP-Works?

MAP-Works is a campus tool that can be used in many different ways that go far beyond what we’ve described here.  If you’d like to learn more about MAP-Works and all that it can offer your students, please visit the UWO MAP-Works site or email contact the MAP-Works Campus Coordinator.

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