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ePortfolios and Reflection 


In each Explore course, Quest or otherwise, students are to upload an assignment and a reflection as evidence of their learning from that course. In Connect, students have an assignment in which they synthesize their learning with regards to the three Signature Questions and create a website using the D2L ePortfolio Presentation tool. This Presentation will be used to evaluate the University Studies Program and to support our accreditation with the Higher Learning Corporation. 

Incite Students' Responsibility for Their Own Learning

  • Course Assessment of Learning
    The UW Oshkosh ePortfolio provides the opportunity for students to document and connect their learning throughout their college education.
  • USP/Institutional Assessment of Learning
    In addition, random sampling of these ePortfolios during the Connect course and Capstone course or experience will provide the opportunity for institutional assessment.

Select an Assignment

As instructors construct USP courses, they will select at least one course assignment for students to upload to their ePortfolios.

Ask Students to Upload and Reflect

Students may reflect upon their learning related to that assignment and include that reflection with the uploaded "learning artifact" (speech, paper, project, etc.).

Use a Rubric

Rubrics for assessing Essential Learning Outcomes are available on this website for your use or modification. Distributing a rubric with the assignment can clarify expectations and allow instructive feedback. Resources and workshops related to rubrics will continue to be made available on this site and through other CETL programming.

    Use Peer Mentors and the ePortfolio Specialist

    An ePortfolio specialist ( is available to assist you with this aspect of USP teaching and learning. In addition, Peer Mentors (current students) will receive ePortfolio training so that they may assist Quest I students with the uploading process.

    ePortfolio Technology Support

    If you have questions or would like set up a support appointment for you (or your department) please feel free to contact

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