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USP Proposal Update:

Several campus fora were held on Feb. 11 & 12, in order to present a Proposal that would update and revise the University Studies Program. They were well attended. We received valuable feedback and answered many questions.

Feedback was also collected online through Feb. 26. Please click here to read the...

Executive Summary of Feedback to USP 2.0.

USP Proposal:

Documents available for your review.

USP 2.1 Proposal

We are grateful to the many members of our campus community who provided feedback both in person at our fora and in various meetings and in writing on the “USP 2.0” proposal we drafted in February. Based on that feedback, we created “USP 2.1,” a proposal designed to move the USP forward into the next academic year and beyond. Please click here to view the USP 2.1 Proposal.

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USP Faculty and Staff

The University Studies Program (USP) at UW Oshkosh is a one-of-a-kind general education program. The USP provides students with an assessable, common intellectual experience that also embraces the traditional breadth of a liberal arts education to prepare them for the challenges of work, for engaged citizenship and for a meaningful and satisfying life. These experiences will derive from participation in small learning communities, civic engagement and more.

USP Resources for Instructors


Advising is teaching. As faculty advisors, we continue to reinforce the value of a liberal arts education as we teach through advising sessions. View advising resources. 

Advising Resources

USP Advising Explanation

USP Advising Planning Sheet

USP Quest II Courses Appropriate for First-Year Students

USP Course Design Tools

Find resources for developing and teaching Explore and Quest courses, understanding the course approval process, and more. View USP course design resources. 

Teaching Resources


Quest I/FYE

Quest II

Quest III

Quest Speaking

Quest Writing


Course Approval


High-Impact Practices 

The highest-quality, first-year experiences place a strong emphasis on critical inquiry, frequent writing, information literacy, collaborative learning and other skills that develop students' intellectual and practical competencies. Learn more about USP high-impact practices.

High-Impact Practices

High-Impact Practices

Inclusive Excellence

Signature Questions 

Our signature questions aim to support student liberal arts education and provide a groundwork for connecting the courses in the USP. All Quest courses have a signature question focus, and Explore courses relate to these questions through their nature, culture, or society foci. Learn more about the USP's three Signature Questions. 

Signature Questions


Civic Learning



In every Quest course, students track course work, reflect on progress and connect ideas among courses through ePortfolios. Learn more about how to integrate an ePortfiolo into your courses.


ePortfolio Frequently Asked Questions

ePortfolio and Reflection

ePortfolios and the USP: Instructor Guide

Quick Step by Step Guide to Using ePortfolio

ePortfolio and Reflection Workshop

Reflection Resources

Reflection Prompt Samples

Resources for all USP Courses

From Quest syllabus checklists, MAP-Works, and Early Alert to academic resources, view resources for all USP courses.



Peer Mentors

Early Alert

Learning Assistance UW Oshkosh Campus Guide

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