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Peer Mentors

Find out more about Peer Mentors. Who are they? What do they do? What events and co-curricular activities are available for Quest 1 instructors to assign?

Helping Students Make Connections

Peer Mentors are a powerful  link between the students, you, the campus, and the greater Oshkosh Community.  Debbie Gray Patton ( is here to help with Peer Mentors if you need it.

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors are experienced UW Oshkosh students who are excited to be a part of your Quest I courses.  They provide a unique perspective on campus life and are there to help students fully participate in all that campus has to offer in their first year, connecting them to resources both academic and social.

What do Peer Mentors do?

Peer Mentors in Quest I courses are not tutors, but can encourage student success by helping instructors identify students who may need extra help and also connecting those students to on-campus resources. See this document for more details about Peer Mentors and how to incorporate their expertise in your course.

Peer Mentors also encourage students to explore university life by attending campus events with them.  In fact, all Quest I instructors have at least two campus or community events that their Peer Mentor will attend with their students. You can search the UW Oshkosh Events Calendar (link below) for ideas and submit your own department's events, too.

UW Oshkosh Events Calendar

Athletic Events

How was my Peer Mentor assigned to me?

All Peer Mentors went through a rigorous interview and training process, and they were assigned to Quest I courses based first on 1) their availability (i.e., their student schedule); and 2) their major, past course history, or their expressed preferences. As student schedules shift, some Peer Mentor matches must be rearranged; if/when that happens, both the student and the Peer Mentors (new and old) are notified via email.

What if I have problems with my Peer Mentor?

In the USP, you have a network of people here to support your courses.  Should you have any questions, concerns, or other issues with your Peer Mentor, please contact Debbie Gray Patton ( right away.  Of course, if you have a wonderful experience with your Peer Mentor, we want to hear that, too!

We want to hear from you!

If you have a great story to tell about your Peer Mentor in your course, we would really like to hear it.  Send your stories to, and we’ll collect them here for everyone to see.

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