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General Education
Reform Process

Biennial Report
2014 - 2016

This monumental reform involved the extensive participation of faculty and staff members from across the UW Oshkosh campus community. From 2007 to 2011, the Liberal Education Reform Team’s (LERT) work culminated in the passage by the Faculty Senate of our campus Essential Learning Outcomes and a general education reform framework.

The new committee charged with the reform of general education in 2011 put into place by many public mechanisms to ensure transparency in the process of moving the framework into a concrete and detailed proposal. To generate awareness, collect input and solicit suggestions for revision in the 2011-2012 academic year, these mechanisms included:

  • an extensive general education reform website including relevant resources, national models and a discussion board accompanying the regularly-updated versions of the proposal;
  • weekly emails (USP Updates);
  • open sessions at the Provost’s Teaching and Learning Summit (October 2011);
  • student general education and relevant transfer experience feedback gathered during Provost’s Teaching and Learning Summit;
  • continued input though biweekly meetings with members of the summer working teams, who comprise the larger reform committee;
  • leadership team attendance at biweekly Faculty Senate meetings in 2011-2012 for reporting and input;
  • meetings with all interested departments/programs and colleges (more than 50), including the Senate of Academic Staff and the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA);
  • meetings with all chairs and divisions of the College of Letters and Science;
  • ongoing email comments and suggestions from many individuals, compiled and discussed by the committee charged with the reform of general education;
  • meetings with representatives of the Center for New Learning (CNL), Polk Library and offices of the Registrar, Advising and Admissions;
  • collaborative conversations with students, faculty and staff from area two-year and technical colleges;
  • a second website with a complete USP Proposal, including components, implementation notes, a comparison chart of current general education requirements and the proposed program, past Higher Learning Commission recommendations, and new HLC draft criteria related to general education;
  • distribution of  printed copies of the draft proposal to all units on campus;
  • administration of two campus-wide online surveys to 1) faculty and staff and 2) students and posting of all survey results, with comments, on the USP Proposal website;
  • two campus-wide open forums for discussion and feedback;
  • coverage in UW Oshkosh TodayAdvance-Titan (student newspaper), WRST, Titan TVEngage magazine and the Oshkosh Northwestern.

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