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Representation on University Committees

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University Staff involvement on University committees is increasing and we are grateful for your willingness to serve as you give your time and talents to campus life!

University Staff are encouraged to join their coworkers in the experience of serving on a University committee. For some of you, volunteering to serve on a campus committee may seem daunting, whether it’s an ongoing “all-University” committee or an ad hoc (for a specific purpose, usually short-term) committee.

You may have questions. “What will I be expected to do? How much time will it take? How often does the committee meet? Must I have my supervisor’s approval to serve on the committee?” The following may address your concerns.

One of us, or the chair of the committee on which you’re considering service, will be able to tell you:

  • The purpose of the committee.

  • How often a committee meets.

  • Typical length of the meeting.

Generally, most all-university committees meet monthly during the school, and some meet only 2-3 times a year. Ad hoc committees may vary.

The chair of the committee will be able to describe:

  • The committee's work.

  • Expectations of your involvement. They will be no different than those of academic staff, administrators and faculty committee members.

You may be asked to accomplish committee work outside of meetings.


You and your supervisor are partners in your committee service:

  • Talk with your supervisor about serving on a committee that interests you.

  • Keep your supervisor up-to-date about committee meetings dates and times.

  • Tell your supervisor about committee work you may be doing outside of committee meetings.

  • Keep communication with your supervisor open and flowing!

Service on campus committees offers wonderful opportunities for:

  • Sharing your insights and expertise,

  • Meeting and getting to know other staff members,

  • Visiting places on campus you may have never been before, and, most importantly,

  • Making the University a better place to work and learn.

Thank you!

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