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On the Move

This page shows the 2015 University Staff movements around campus.
Information for previous years: 20142013, 20122011 (retirements only)

New Hires


Michael Bartlein, University Police
Shane Deeg, Facilities Management
Lynn Payne, COEHS Curriculum & Instruction
Thomas Romanski, Facilities Management
Patty Schaefer, Admissions
Aaron Walker, University Police
Michael Zielinski, Facilities Management


Tamara Benisch, Literacy & Language
Robert Breu, Administrative Services
Eliza Farrow (Salisbury), Women's Center
Laurie Hughes, Gruenhagen Conference Center
Amy Regal, Student Health Center


Nancy Jo Dietzen, COB WI Family Business Forum


Mary Chapin, University Studies Program
Benjamin Kohlman, University Police


Eamon Bauman, Residence Life
Joshua Becken, Registrar's Office
Ronald Dove, Facilities Management
Melinda Jaeger, Admissions


Tyler Katsma, University Police
Bret Lenz, Facilities Management
Brenda Moss, Admissions
Paul Wellington, Polk Library


Linda Farrell, Facilities Management
Jessica Hilt, Writing Center
Gina Schiavone, History


Nicholas Brewer, Admissions
Melissa Giddings, CON - Accelerated Nursing Program
Renee Pasewald, Social Work
Jennifer Werner, Admissions


John Halford, Parking Services
Pamela Perrotte, COLS McNairs Scholars Program


Danie Biese, within Facilities Management - Heating Plant
Kristy Bloedow, within Testing Services
Jennifer Griffin,  within Facilities Management - Custodial Services
Erin Heiling, COLS Dean's Office to Provost Office
Lauren Koerwitz, IMC to UARC
Jane Luker, Geology to COLS Dean's Office
Sara Martin Kriha, Career Services to Gruenhagen Conf. Center
Lisa Mick, within Facilities Management - Grounds
Sara Pritzl, Administrative Services to Provost & Vice Chancellor's Office
Natalie Stenson, Facilities Management to Foundation Office
Wendy Van Ahn, LLCE to University Books & More
Benjamin Vande Slunt, Facilities Management to SRWC


David Boileau, Facilities Management
Carol Botz, COEHS - Human Services Leadership
Sandra Brucks, English
Susan Calo, Admissions
Barbara Christenson, COLS Dean's Office
Mary Dekker, University Books & More
Loreen Demler, Student Health Center
Paulette Feld, Polk Library
Maurice Fisher, Facilities Management
Paula Geier, COLS - Professional Counseling
Bruce Gurske, Facilities Management
George Helbing, Facilities Management
Penny Howell, Student Health Center
Sharon Hybke, Registrar's Office
Cary Jolin, Parking Services
Jane Kramer, Registrar's Office
Sheila Laing, UARC
Holly Lawryk, Provost Office
Sara Londre, Facilities Management
Mary Luebke, Polk Library
Rose Marie Mansell, Administrative Computing
Rosemary Merten, Admissions
Jerome Murphy, Facilities Management
Steven O'Neil, Facilities Management
Susan Pendleton Witte, Facilities Management
Debra Pulvermacher, Integrated Marketing and Communications
Jane Ricchio, Literacy & Language
Dana Robinson, Facilities Management
Sara Stichert, Polk Library
Jeri Zelke, COLS - Women's Gender Studies and Environmental Studies

Name Change

 Jean Bord to Jean Bord-Pire

No Longer on Campus

Lauren Allen, COB Dean's Office
Jean Bord-Pire, Facilities Management
Amy Brecheisen, Provost Office
Robert Breu, Administrative Services
Kay Eslinger, Facilities Management
Amy Filak, Communication
Shawn Hansen, Integrated Marketing and Communications
Kelly Hanson, Biology - McNair Scholars
Rebecca LeMire, CON - Accelerated Nursing Program
Jenice Mischler, Financial Aid
Donna Mleziva, Integrated Marketing and Communications
T Kim Nguyen, Administrative Computing
Lee (Douglas) Pire, Reeve Union
Erika Ruedinger, COEHS - EXCEL Center
Cassie Stadler, Reeve Union
Erik Stieg, Facilities Management
Brian Trost, Administrative Computing
Aaron Walker, University Police
Jennifer Westenberger, Postal Services
Chelsea Wilms, Admissions

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