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2012 Employee Movement Around Campus

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New Hires

Julio Moran, College of Education & Human Services
Janet Heninger, College of Education & Human Services
Ashley Hass, Financial Aid
David Cottingham, International Studies
Lacey Fenrich, Project Success
Michelle Munns, Registrar's Office
Matthew Reinhardt, LGBTQ Resource Center
Shawn Hansen, Integrated Marketing & Communications
Patricia Schrader, Equity & Affirmative Action

Aimee Niendorf, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Karen Meyer, University Police
Mary Bartelt, Human Services & Educ Leadership
Karen Caudill, Center for Academic Resources
Melissa Giddings, Curriculum & Instruction

Martin Blair, Information Technology
Chance Duenkel, University Police
Dan Gehrke, Information Technology
Andrew Schultz, Academic Computing
Alexander Karp, Facilities Management
Kayde Kempen, Lifelong Learning & Community Engagement
Sara Londre, Facilities Management
Michael McCarthy, Facilities Management
Benjamin Richardson, Parking Services
Lori Sanders, Facilities Management

Cary Jolin, Facilities Management
Justin Moxham, Facilities Management
Thomas Zimmerman, Reeve Union
Robert Gonzalez, Reeve Union
Ashley Elmer, Music
Amy Filak, Communications
Donovan Heavener, University Police

Amanda Olesen, Facilities Management
Leuwen Santos, Facilities Management
Jack Yach, Facilities Management
Katie Helbing, Facilities Management
Jared Johnson, Facilities Management
Andrew Kenyon, Facilities Management
Ralph McNamara, Facilities Management
Mark Merriman, Facilities Management
Abby O'Neil, Facilities Management
Sean Stieg, Facilities Management
Erik Stieg, Facilities Management
Tyler Westenberger, Facilities Management
Jesse Haack, Reeve Union
Lisa Sullivan, Financial Services
Amy Brecheisen, Biology
Andrew Schumacher, Gruenhagen Conference Center
Simone Fevola, Grants & Faculty Development

Joseph Roth, Facilities Management
Adrian Anthony, Student Rec & Wellness Ctr
Amanda Line, Dean of Students


Becky Beahm, COEHS Professional Education Program
Dan Petersen, Information Technology (within)
Mike Parks, CON Information Technology
Terrea Malinski, Office of Institutional Research
Abby O'Neil, Reeve Union
Jennifer Wraalstad, International Studies
Kevin Boldt, Head Start to Academic Computing
Adrian Anthony, SRWC to Residence Life
Brenda Garza, College of Nursing (within)
Jennifer Nason, University Books & More (within)
Amanda Ziesemer, COLS Dean's Office
Julia Hodgen, CON Undergraduate to COB Dean's Office
Sharon Hybke, Communication Dept to Registration
Cary Jolin, Facilities Management to Parking Services
Susan Robl, CON Undergraduate to CON Graduate
Debra Talkington, COLS Dean's Office to CON Undergraduate
Connie Whittaker, Biology to Religious Studies
Laine Mikkelson, COB to COLS Dean's Office
Vicki Stadler, Facilities Management (within)
Jean Bord, Facilities Management (within)
Robert McIlraith, Student Rec & Wellness Center (within)
Joseph Roth, Facilities Management (within)
Mary Schneider, Polk Library (within)


Bonnie Green, COEHS
Michael Eichman, Facilities Management
Rosemary Keller, University Books & More
Nancy Ziebell, International Studies
John Gehrke, Parking Office
Deborah Patrenets, Gruenhagen Conference Center
Elyn Wissbroecker, University Police

Name Change

Shawna Vreeke to Shawna Kuether
Marcia Nondorf to Marcia Hoffman
Judy Chartre to Judy McCarthy
Shaune Himmler to Shaune Augsburger
Ashley Lidtke to Ashley Jackowski
Sandra Nigl to Sandra Krasniewski

No Longer on Campus

Laine Mikkelson, COLS Dean's Office
Lynne Verbruggen, Facilities Management
Samantha Zinth, Human Services & Educational Leadership
Andrew Schultz, Information Technology
Kim Kautza, College of Nursing
Marcus Robinson, Reeve Union
Kelly Doehler, Financial Services
Lynne Verbruggen, Facilities Management
Parvez Adil, Administrative Computing
Linda Rohm, Facilities Management
Elizabeth Mueller, Registrar's Office
Tiffany Cummings, University Books & More
Robin Barrett-Paap, Academic Advisement
Joel Herron, Integrated Marketing & Communications
Arthur Cordy, Facilities Management
Matthew Forrest, Facilities Management
Hubert Macachor, Reeve Union



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