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University Staff Development & Appreciation Day (USDAD) FAQs

Frequently asked questions about University Staff Development & Appreciation Day.

Who is eligible to participate in USDAD?

USDAD is a day to celebrate all University Staff (formerly titled Classified Staff, UW-System Classification) on the UW Oshkosh campus. The cost is free to all University Staff members, and participation is optional.  


Why is USDAD always held the last day of the academic year/last day of spring interim?

Finding a day that can accommodate all University Staff (US) members is nearly impossible; particularly during the academic year. Many of our US colleagues are hired on a 9-month, academic year contract, and would not be available during the summer session. Therefore, the decision was made to hold USDAD on the very last day of the spring interim. The weather tends to be nicer (when it's cooperating), so attendees can walk from building to building, and it still fits within the boundaries of our 9-month contracted colleagues.

For most of us (although, we realize not all), this is a slower time of year. Additionally, faculty and academic staff have shown their support by volunteering during USDAD. This day has worked well with their schedules, and allows more to become involved. And for our supervisors, keeping a regularly scheduled date allows for the offices to make other accommodations while you're at USDAD. 

Although, our Administrative Staff have unfortunately been unable to attend in recent years due to Board of Regents meetings, they're thrilled we've continued to celebrate all of our hard work.


Why is the keynote speaker scheduled in the morning?

Many members of the University Staff have hours outside of the standard 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m. For example, our Custodial Staff in the academic buildings work 4 a.m.–noon daily. Our keynote speaker is one of the many opportunities we would like each member of the University Staff to enjoy, regardless of what time your work day ends.

Where do the prizes for the games portion at the end of the day come from?

All prizes given during the end of the day's games portion (bingo and bean bag toss) are donated from campus community members and local businesses. The Athletics Department, Residence Life, University Books & More, Reeve Union, 4Imprint and individual faculty, academic, and University Staff members are some of the many supporters who have graciously donated prizes each year. 

No prizes are purchased using USDAD funds. Funding from University accounts are not authorized to purchase prizes for employees. 


I need special accommodations throughout the day, who do I contact?

Please contact the Planning Committee Chair(s) to notify them of what accommodations you will need. They'll work directly with you and other Planning Committee members to ensure you have an enjoyable day.


I registered, but now am unable to attend, who do I contact?

If your personal circumstances change after you've registered for USDAD, and you are no longer able to attend, please notify the Registration Committee Chair

If you also signed-up to play bean bags during the last portion of the day, please notify the Games Committee Chair to be removed from their list.


I have an idea for a workshop, a keynote speaker, or a game for the end of the day. Who do I talk to?

We're always open to new ideas, and would love to hear your thoughts!  To share your ideas, please contact the following committee chairs:

Workshop Ideas:  Programs Committee

Keynote Speaker Ideas:  Planning Committee

Games Ideas:  Games Committee

I want to be a part of USDAD, how do I join a committee?

Each USDAD committee is always open to new members. 

We welcome new and seasoned University Staff to participate on any of the committees. To sign up, contact the Chair of the committee to which you're interested. They'll be happy to contact you with meeting dates/times and information.

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