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Several committees work together to make the day. If you have any questions about, or for, a committee please don't hesitate to contact one of the members.  If you would like to help on one of the committees, please fill out this form. (disregard the top workshop portion).

For information on the committees, please contact the Chairs of the committees, which are those members whose names are bolded. See below.

planning games facilities
Vicki Anderson
Amanda Bain
Mary Bartelt
Micki Benz
Jean Bord
Marjorie Carlson
Linda Koon
Marci Hoffman
Julie Neubert
Micki Benz
Jan Kossel
Kristina Mosley
Becky Beahm
Lisa Goetsch
Julia Hodgen
Jess Kleier
Linda Koon
finance registration marketing programming
Marci Hoffman  Julie Neubert
Jacki Maxwell
Shaune Augsburger
Mary Bartelt
Carol Botz
Marjorie Carlson
Dana Hartel
Deanna Singstock

Vicki Anderson
Amanda Bain
Robert Clancy
Ruth Eberwine
Gail Larson
Michelle Munns
Annette Murphy
Lin Schrottky
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