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Welcome to the Campus Connection Program

Welcome to the UW Oshkosh Campus Connection Program (CCP)!  You have chosen to participate in a meaningful and exciting program that will assist you in becoming more familiar with the campus environment, university resources available to you, networking with other employees and the encouragement to become an active campus community member.

This CCP Web page provides you with information about the program as well as resources available to you. You also have the option of having a campus resource person (sponsor) assigned to you. This person will be another University Staff person that is already familiar with the campus environment and has volunteered to share their knowledge and experiences with you; however, they are not meant to train you on your individual position duties.  

If you prefer to just review the website and not be assigned a CCP sponsor, that is perfectly acceptable. However, if you elect a sponsor, you will go through a process (up to six-weeks) utilizing a program checklist.

The Campus Connection Program is not meant to replace the Human Resources Office, your supervisor, or your colleagues as a sole resource for your employment, but is instead meant to be an additional resource in helping you become acclimated to the campus community and as a guide for any questions you may have. The Campus Connection Program has been developed and implemented by the University Staff Council.  As the CCP Coordinator, please do not hesitate to call or contact me should you have any questions or concerns about the program or about the university in general.

We hope you enjoy your new position at UW Oshkosh and the Campus Connection Program experience!


Connie Whittaker
Academic Department Associate
Campus Connection Program Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


To retain staff by cultivating a sense of community on campus by providing them with a “campus resource person”; helping them become familiar with the campus environment; informing them of university resources available; networking with other employees and encouraging them to become an active campus community member through invitations to university events, activities and opportunities to serve on various campus committees.

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