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Previous STAR Recipients


December - Jill Milos, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement

November - Margie Carlson, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement

October - Michelle Loker, Academic Computing

September - Marla Krueger, Registrar's Office

August - Trent Morgan, University Police

July - Julia Jalovec, Registrar's Office

June - Marci Hoffman, Graduate Studies

May - Sue Jaeke, Registrar's Office

April - Leigha Moll, Gruenhagen Conference Center

March - Ann Davis, UW Oshkosh Foundation Advancement Division

February - Julie Neubert, College of Education & Human Services

January - Marsha Schneider, Undergraduate Advising Resource Center



December - Barry Gauthier, Postal Services

November - Michelle Munns, Veterans Resource Center

October - Jerry Klein, Parking Services

September - Gene Sobiech, Custodial Services

August - Amanda Ziesemer, Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)

July - Becky Thorson-Randall, College of Education & Human Services

June - Kate McQuillan, Provost Office

May - Grant Davey, Facilities Management

April - Julie Kumbier, Registrar's Office

March - Nancy Wright, College of Nursing

February - Jeri Zelke, Environmental Studies & Women's Studies

January - Connie Whittaker, Religious Studies and Anthroplogy



December - Kelly Monday, Custodial Services, Student Success Center

November - Shirin Skifstad, Titan Central

October - Anna Hill, Art Department

September - Dana Hartel, Parking Services

August - Diane Kromm, Chemistry

July - Mary Eiden, Social Work

June - Carol Botz, College of Education & Human Services

May - Sarah Polzin, Head Start

April - Terri Wouts, Philosophy

March - Angelee Hammond, Political Science

February - Andrew Schultz, College of Nursing

January - Dan Petersen, Academic Computing


January -- Sue Polzin, Kinesiology and Human Kinetics and Health Education

February -- Marlene Flack, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

March -- Nicole Zedler, Admissions Office

April -- Tera Malinski, Information Technology

May -- Beverly Flanagan, Student Records

June -- Jennifer Davies, Public Affairs

July -- Amy Ready, Center for Academic Resources

August -- Debra Weiske, Gruenhagen Conference Center

September -- Michael Morrissey, Central Services

October -- Robert McIlraith, Facilities Management

November -- Andy Schumacher, Gruenhagen Conference Center

December -- Wendy Van Ahn, Adult Nontraditional Student Resource Office



January -- Jerry Klein, Parking Services

February -- Erik May, IT

March -- Debbie Patrenets, Gruenenhagen Conference Center

April -- Donna Nelson, Wisconsin Family Business Forum (WFBF)

May -- Amanda Bain, Center for New Learning

June -- Mary Fabrycki, University Books and More

July -- Kay Eslinger, Facilities Management

August -- no award presented

September -- Claire Armstrong, Department of Radio/TV/Film

October -- Robert Gordon, Custodial Services

November -- Jennifer Nason, University Books and More

December -- Ricky Johnson, IT


 Recipients for years 2001-2009

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