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Police/Dispatching Staff: 

Please review the UW Oshkosh Human Resources web page for all available classified staff positions.

Human Resources


The UW Oshkosh Police Department recruits throughout the year for Community Service Officers (CSOs). Due to the extensive training received, hiring typically occurs in November/December and July/August.

Although the CSO program is an excellent way for criminal justice majors to gain experience and knowledge about the field of law enforcement, the department hires CSOs from all majors.

If interested in becoming a CSO, please complete an application and submit the completed application to the UW Oshkosh Police Department at 738 High Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54901 (Attn: Sergeant Heavener).

For employment consideration you must have your applications submitted by the following deadlines

FALL SEMESTER  -  Submit applications by July 1st.  Depending on need, applications will be considered from those students attending Odyssey in mid-August if received the day of or day after the scheduled Odyssey date.

SPRING SEMESTER  -  Submit applications by November 1st.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year, however the stated deadlines will be used so that training and scheduling can be planned.

Community Service Officer Job Description

 The main purpose of a Community Service Officer (CSO) is to ensure safety and protection by promoting an environment that is conducive to personal growth in an academic community setting.  The CSO position is a non-sworn and non-confrontational position.  The CSOs act primarily as observation entities for the University Police Department by reporting all observed or known violations of university rules, regulation and state law.  The CSO position is an excellent way for criminal justice majors to gain experience and knowledge in the field of law enforcement.

 All CSOs are trained to patrol the campus community during the evening and night hours with the assistance of a partner.  While on patrol they perform a variety of duties including:  assisting officers or staff members when requested, responding to fire and medical calls, enforcing parking regulations, providing “safewalks” for students, faculty and staff and reporting any activities that are suspicious or illegal.  In addition the CSOs report any maintenance, security, and safety problems that they find during their shift.  During the patrol shift, all residence hall and other university buildings are checked to ensure that they are secure.  CSOs will also perform the function of Night Security in the residence halls where IDs will be checked for people to gain access to the halls.  The CSOs are supplied with uniforms, a duty belt, and other equipment necessary for their job.  They are given training in defense tactics, conflict resolution, CPR, use of chemical agents and baton.


 Eligible for employment in the U.S.; at least 18 years of age; currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (minimum of 6 credits); no felony convictions; possess exceptional organizational and observation skills; good verbal and written communication skills; ability to react quickly and effectively to stressful situations; ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; ability to use necessary equipment; be of good character, “free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which might adversely affect performance” as Community Service Officer.  Preference is given to Criminal Justice majors; must be able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays and during the summer is preferred.

 Hiring Process

 All applications are kept on file for a period of one (1) year.

A preliminary background check is performed after the application is turned in to determine eligibility.

After this background check is done eligible candidates are invited for an interview.

Successful candidates in the interview will be given a conditional offer of employment pending a background check, which will include a criminal history check and verification of student status and eligibility.

The candidate may accept the conditional offer at this time and an orientation meeting is set up.

If you have any questions regarding the CSO position, please contact Sgt. Heavener at (920)424-1212 or


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