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Mobile Data Computers

The UW Oshkosh Police department utilizes Mobile Data Computers (MDCs) in our patrol cars. These devices allow our officers instant access to the databases of the Department of Transportation, Crime Information Bureau, Probation and Parole, and the National Crime Information Center. This means that University police offers can instantly check for arrest warrants, stolen vehicles, criminally deported felons, missing/endangered persons, probation/parole supervision status, sex offender registry, runaway juveniles, driver's license status and vehicle registration status.

We have recently upgraded our old IBM Thinkpad MDCs to Panasonic Toughbooks. The Toughbook was designed to operate in an environment where it is subject to less than ideal computer conditions, such as in a squad car. The laptops use Motorola Tx Messenger software and communicate continuously with the Winnebago County 911 Center via radio modem. The laptops feature touch screen commands as well as a regular keyboard. This technology allows our officers to obtain information on potentially dangerous persons and situations very quickly.

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