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Safety at Home

Whether you are living on or off campus, safety always matters.

  • Make sure the door closes behind you and no one enters after you.

  • You have the right to ask someone to scan their ID or provide proof that they live in your building. 

  • Lock your doors every time you leave.
  • Do not put your room number or name on keys as they may be lost.
  • Ensure that door and window locks are working.
  • Secure them every time you go out and before you go to bed.
  • Have your landlord to fix any locks or improve security where needed.
  • Take anything valuable home with you during vacation.
  • Protect your belongings; try to personalize items so that they are easily recognized.
  • When arriving home ask the driver to wait until you are inside your home.
  • Have your keys ready to let yourself in quickly.
  • If there are signs of intrusion when you return home, do not enter. Go to a trusted neighbor and call the police.
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