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This Already Happened

Check out our events from last semester.

Spring 2012 events

March 4th: BAC mocktender pilot

March 5th: Karaoke Night (Horizon Rec. Lounge) from 7-9pm. 

March 6th: R word campaign- Reeve lunchtime

March 10th: Spring Break in Taylor (Taylor Basement) from 7-9pm.

March 11th: BAC Matters week

March 25th: Consent Matters week

April 2nd: #rapeisnotajoke

Fall 2012 events

August 9th: BAC Matters/ A/RHDs training

August 21st: What is Umatter and  Listening Matters/CA training

August 24thBAC Matters/CA training

August 29th: Action Matters/CA training

           : Listening Matters/Faculty and Staff

August 30th: BAC matters/Health Advocate training

August 31st: Listening Matters/Health Advocate training

Sept. 4th:  Taste of Oshkosh table/BAC demo

Sept. 11th:  Can I Kiss You?/ Consent Matters

Sept. 18th:  Language Matters table,

Respectful Communication program

Sept. 27th: Listening Matters for the LGBTQ community

Oct. 4th:  Condom Carnival/BAC and Consent

Oct. 15th:  What is Umatter? /MEC board

Oct. 17thBAC matters/Taylor Hall

Oct. 24th: What is Umatter? /Health Advocates

                   BAC/Consent matters/ Active Lifestyles

Oct. 25th:  Nightmare on Elmwood/BAC

Oct. 29th:  BAC Matters/ S. Scott Hall

Nov. 3rd: Say What? Diversity and Leadership Conference/Language Matters

Nov. 8th:  Listening Matters K-12

Nov. 14th: Listening Matters/UARC

Nov. 16th:  Gruenhagen Glow Party/BAC

Nov. 27th: Say What? Classroom presentation

Dec. 3rd-5th:  BAC Matters/Health Hut/SRWC


Language Matters Week from Apr 09, 2013 11:30 AM to Apr 11, 2013 01:00 PM Reeve Concourse, by maxwellm
Have you ever heard someone use derogatory language? Have you ever wished you said something? But didn't know what to say.
Umatter Titanology Apr 05, 2013 from 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM Reeve 221, by maxwellm
Want to learn more about Umatter and get a tshirt? Come to Titanology for the Umatter experience!
This is Me Apr 05, 2013 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM Reeve Union, by maxwellm
UWO students share This is Me!
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