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Meet the UMatter Team

The Team that makes it happen!
Leah Folks, LMFT
Umatter Coordinator
(920) 424-2061

Umatter team
Umatter Videographer and Publicity Manager
Kyle Halter
Major: RTF and Journalism
Minor: English

Umatter Graphic Designer
Claudia Rivera
Major:  Communications
Minor: Spanish
Tom from Tom's Talk Time
Tom Beschta
CA in Horizon Village
Major: Communications
Action Matters Student Coordinator
James Hooper
Major:  Business, Psychology
Consent Matters Student Coordinator
Chelsey Wasielewski
CARE co-student director
Major: Psychology
Language Matters Student Coordinator
Aimee Pitney
Community Development Specialist- Diversity
Listening Matters Student Coordinator
Cassie Limberg and Marissa Lueck
Safety Matters Student Coordinator
Joshua Gullickson
Community Service Officer, University Police
Major: Criminal Justice
BAC matter student coordinator
Fauzia Ousman
Residence Life Umatter Representative
Kevin Martinson
Community Development Specialist
Health Advocate Umatter Student Coordinator
Janelle Piette-Lang
Horizon Village Health Advocate
Major: Biology/ Pre-Med
Rainbow Alliance for HOPE Umatter Student Coordinator
Athletics Umatter Student Coordinator
MEC Umatter Student Coordinator
Nora Robles


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