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How to review a proposal

Step by step instructions for reviewing a proposal on this site.

Student Faculty Collaborative Proposal Reviewer Instructions

  1.  Get your proposals to review:
    1. Go to the appropriate web site.  Check your reviewer notice e-mail for whether you are reviewing graduate or undergraduate proposals.  Use this link to open the undergraduate site in a new window and this link to open the graduate site in a new window.
    2. Log in to the site using your campus e-mail log in.  The log in link is located near top of the white box at the right of the window.
    3. Once logged you will see a list of review forms under the heading "Reviews to do" near the bottom of the white box on the right.  You will probably get 3 or 4 proposals to review.  All the forms may have the same name as the names indicate which reviewer number you were assigned for each proposal.
    4. Click on a review form link to get to the actual review form and its associated proposal.
    5. In the middle of your window you should get box that looks something like this pciture.Review Form Image PNG Click on the proposal title in the list above the review form title (in the example image this is "test prop 2").  This will take you to the title page of the proposal.  To review the proposal you need to download the proposal file and, if it is in a separate file, the mentor support letter (most people included the mentor support letter as the last page of the proposal). To download the file begin by clicking on the "Contents" tab that appears above the dark bar at the top of the proposal title page (where you see "View", "Edit", etc. in the picture at right).  Then click on the link for the file (.pdf or .doc files) that appears in the list to get to its download page.  You can also access the download page using the blue Navigation box to the left.
    6. On the download page click on the file name link that appears in the main box to download the file.  We recommend that you save a copy on your local computer so that you can come back to the proposal later.  How you do this will depend on the particular browser and document (.pdf or .doc) reader you are using.
    7. Repeat steps c - g until you have downloaded all the proposals you have been asked to review.
    8. Log out using the "Log out" link just below the blue title bar.
  2. Read and review your proposalsPlease note that student-faculty collaborative proposals are not double blind. However, if the authors do not include information about their identities in the proposal, you will not know who they are.  All reviews are anonymous, please do not provide identification information in your comments.  To aid in your review look at the review criteria. You may print them out if you wish using the link near the bottom of the page.  Please note that undergraduate and graduate criteria are different.  Make sure you are looking at the proper criteria.  The criteria are also included in the online form you must fill out.  You may repeatedly change your online responses until the deadline specified in your reviewer notice e-mail.
    1. If you are not already logged on. Log in to your account on the undergraduate or graduate site.  Both these links will open in a new window, so you can continue reading these instructions.
    2. Click on a review form link to get to the actual review form and its associated proposal.  Make sure this is the proposal you think it is by checking the title in the "Navigation" box at left.  If you have the wrong proposal try a different review form link.
    3. To begin entering your review click on the "Edit" tab.
    4. Select your rating for each of the criteria.  Do not forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, so that you do not miss anything.  Please take the time to include some written comments.  Reviews without written comments will be taken less seriously by the final decision panel.
    5. When done click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the form.  This will return you to the "View" tab (see step c), but now your ratings and comments will be visible.  If you wish to change any of these just click on the "Edit" tab.  Don't forget to click the "Save" button again to save your changes.
    6. You may return to this form and edit it as many times as you like until the deadline for review submission.
    7. Repeat steps b - g for the rest of the proposals you are reviewing.
    8. Log off.
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