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Titan Apps

The purpose of this training is to become familiar with the web based Titan Apps email, contacts, tasks, chat, docs and calendar system. This system allows the user to check their email, calendar and access or collaborate on documents from any place that has an Internet connection.


Titan Apps Email/Contacts/Task/Chat

Participants will learn to work with email, create and use labels for organizing email, add/remove contacts, create groups, work with task, and send a chat.

Titan Apps Calendar

Participants will learn to add and delete events to a calendar, add coworker's calendar for easy access, set up sharing permissions, and view multiple calendars.

Titan Apps Sharing and Collaboration

The original impetus that led to our transition to Google Apps for Education was to provide Google accounts using our campus usernames so that faculty could take advantage of the collaboration and sharing features which are the defining feature of Google Apps.

Google Apps include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and a few other applications.  It’s not Microsoft Office, but few users ever take advantage of those advanced features, like mail merge in Word or advanced filters in Excel. Most of what you need is available in Google Apps.

The thing that makes Google Apps so valuable in teaching are the ease of sharing and collaboration, the conversation style commenting, and the accountability provided by the Revision History feature.

Titan Apps Chat, Google+ and Hangouts

Google Chat, Plus, and Hangouts provide a variety of ways to communicate via text and video–one to one, to a specific group, or to the whole world. Chat (and on-to-one video chat) have been included since we adopted Google Apps for Education. Plus and Hangouts are in the group of apps we just recently enabled. Plus is a social media utility that is similar to Facebook, but allows you to define Circles–groups to whom a message can limited.  Hangouts (which require joining Plus) can accommodate group videoconferencing with up to 10 people, and can also be broadcast live and recorded for viewing to many others via YouTube, which is also available through your account.


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