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Plone is a web based Content Management System used by UW Oshkosh.  Plone allows users to easily create, edit, and publish web pages, documents, news, calendar events, photos, audio, video, and much more to their department website.

Plone Basics   

This 2 hour class is designed for people who will be editing/updating their department website.

Participiants will learn to navigate in the Plone environment, how to add, edit, and publish webpages, documents, news, events, and photos to their department website.


Plone Forms

This 1 hour class is designed for people who would like to create online forms in their Plone website.


This class will show you how to create and edit an online fill able Plone form.  Participants will build and edit a Plone form.  Retrieving form submissions will also be covered.

Plone Workflow

1 Hour Session

(This is a followup session to Plone Forms)

Do you want to automate those paper forms and be able to track where the form is in the process.  You don't need a paper process to do this.  You can automate the process by creating a workflow, which is simply just the steps it takes to complete a task.  Participants will learn how to take a paper process and convert it to electronic using the workflow tool.








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