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Word 2007 Classes

Edit and Format Text

This 2 hour class is designed for people who are new to Word 2007. It is also a good review of Word basic elements.

Find out what is new in Word 2007. Participants will become familiar with many of the new features in Word 2007 including ribbons, the Office button and the quick access toolbar. Working with text will also be a large focus of this class, selecting, copying and pasting, as well as various methods for formatting will be explored.

Formatting Paragraphs

This 1½ hour class is designed for people who are new to Word 2007 or those who would like learn more efficient ways to format paragraphs.

Participants will learn proper methods for setting Tabs, modifying paragraph alignment, indentation, bullets and numbering, and adding borders and shading to paragraphs. Lastly, users will be able to implement newly designed text boxes into a document.

Controlling Page Appearance

This 1 ½ hour class focuses on the word Document itself. It is designed to help users adjust the way text appears on the printed page.

Word 2007 has made controlling the look of your document or page easier than in previous versions. Participants will be able to experiment with changing the margins, orientation, borders and shading of a page. They will also be able to apply a wide variety of headers and footers from the Word 2007 galleries. Lastly, section breaks will be discussed to help participants apply the above features to different pages of a document.

Tables and Charts

In this 1½ hour class you will learn how to effectively display data in a table or chart.

Tables and charts have never been easier than they are in Word 2007. Participants in this class will be given the opportunity to create a table, learn how to modify the structure and control the overall look of the table. Charts and diagrams and the ways they can be used to enhance information will also be discussed.

Mail Merge

This is a 1 hour class is designed to give participants experience and understanding when using Word Merge.

Participants will have the opportunity to perform mail merges for letters, mailing labels and envelops using the task pane and Mailings ribbon. Common mistakes and problems encountered with Mail Merges will also be addressed and explained.

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