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Excel 2007 Classes

Creating an Electronic Spreadsheet

This 2 hour class is designed for people who are new to Excel 2007. It is also a good review of Excel basic elements.

This class is essential to anyone new to Excel 2007, it will provide all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheets. Participants will receive a brief overview of the new interface and learn the various methods for entering and editing data. Other tools, such as Find and Replace, Spell Check and the new Go To commands will also be discussed. Lastly, participants will learn the various ways to write simple formulas.

Formatting Cells and Modifying Worksheet Structure

This 1½ hour class is designed for people who are new to Excel 2007, and want to learn how to create spreadsheets with formatting. 

The graphics in the new 2007 Office Suite have been greatly improved and Excel is no exception. This class will help participants use formatting to present and organize information in a spreadsheet. Other useful tools, such as Conditional Formatting, the new Tables options, and Cell Styles will also be explored.

Formatting and Printing Worksheets

This 1½ hour class is designed for people who want to learn tricks for printing or viewing their data in Excel 2007.

Working with electronic spreadsheets is one thing, but getting them to print out on paper is another. Come to this class and learn many useful tricks for modifying workbooks so that they can be viewed electronically or printed in a clear and concise manner. Repositioning Worksheets, Worksheet Properties, Freezing and Splitting Worksheets, and Print Ranges are just a few of the topics covered.


Excel Performing Calculations and Calculation with Advanced Formulas

In this 1½ hour class we will briefly review performing simple calculations and participants will calculate with advanced formulas.

Participants will learn to create and apply a name for a range of cells; calculate across worksheets; calculate with date & time functions; calculate with financial functions; calculate with statistical functions; calculate with lookup and reference functions; and calculate with logical functions.

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