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Excel 2003 Classes

Excel Creating a Basic Spreadsheet 

This 1½ hour class is designed for new or infrequent users of Excel. It is also a good review class of Excel basic elements.

Participants will learn how to navigate in Excel; select, enter, move, copy and edit data; fill cells with a series of data; insert and delete rows and columns; find, replace and go to cell data; perform simple calculations and create basic formulas; and how to spell-check your data.

Please consider taking our accompanying class: Formatting and Printing Spreadsheets;  Customizing Your Screen Layout.

Excel Formatting and Printing Spreadsheets; Customizing Your Screen Layout

This 1½ hour class is designed for new or infrequent users of Excel. It is also a good review class for everyone.

Participants will learn how to change font size and type; add borders and colors to cells; change column width and row height; merge cells; apply number formats; align cell contents; find and replace formats; apply AutoFormat; apply styles; format worksheet tabs; reposition worksheets in a workbook; insert, delete, copy and paste worksheets; copy a workbook; set print titles; create headers and footers; set page margins and change page orientation; insert and remove page breaks; and print ranges. Learn how to customize your screen layout by splitting worksheets; arranging worksheets; freeze and unfreeze rows and columns; hide and unhide worksheets.

Excel Creating and Applying Templates; Working with Graphic Objects

In this 1½ hour class you will create and apply templates in Excel.

Participants will create a workbook from a template; create a custom template; add comments to a worksheet; create a hyperlink; and use web-based research tools. Participants will insert graphics; create AutoShapes; format graphic objects; group graphic objects; and move, copy and resize graphic objects.

Excel Creating and Modifying Charts

In this 1 hour class you will create and modify charts.

Participants will create a chart; format chart items; change chart types; and create a diagram.

Excel Performing Calculations and Calculation with Advanced Formulas

In this 1½ hour class we will briefly review performing simple calculations and participants will calculate with advanced formulas.

Participants will learn to create and apply a name for a range of cells; calculate across worksheets; calculate with date & time functions; calculate with financial functions; calculate with statistical functions; calculate with lookup and reference functions; and calculate with logical functions.

Excel Sorting and Filtering Data in Excel

This 1½ hour class will show participants how to rearrange and display your data in a different sequence and to create different views of the same data without altering its original format.

Participants will learn to sort data; filter data lists; create and apply advanced filters, calculate with database functions; and add subtotals to a worksheet.

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