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When a student cries, “It’s Greek to me!” in a general physics class, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh physics professor Mark Lattery takes them seriously.[...]
UW Oshkosh has received $46,150 from the National Science Foundation for year two of “RUI: Galactic Spiral Structure Reassessment: A Precision Photometry Approach to Complete[...]
Whether their classes cover topics that are earth-based or out of this world, science teachers now can reach for the stars through a new master’s program.[...]
Thick mats of green algae, seed dispersal by rodents and the largest star-forming field in the Milky Way will be among the research topics highlighted by University of Wisconsin Os[...]
What could be worse than a dog eat dog world? Perhaps the “galaxy eat galaxy” theory of the universe that Barton Pritzl, a visiting astronomy professor, studies at the Universit[...]
NASA-Space Telescope Science Institute has given UW Oshkosh more than $70,000 for the following research projects: “The Second Parameter Effect in Metal-Rich Globular Cluster[...]
Mary Ann Offer (left) explains the importance of supporting the Ugandan artists who created original pieces of art. They will again be on sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Dec. 4 at R[...]
In the mood for a break and some entertainment? The liberal arts learning objectives of this UW Oshkosh Oral Interpretation class are being demonstrated for the community, as stude[...]