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UW Oshkosh has received $30,000 from Northeast Midwest Institute for the Ballast Water Treatment Evaluation Project. Greg Kleinheinz (biology/microbiology) is the project director.[...]
UW Oshkosh has received $80,000 from the Vilas County Public Health Department for “Environmental Health Limited Agent Program.” Greg Kleinheinz, biology/microbiology, [...]
From Feb. 5-7, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, a Fulbright Scholar currently studying at Cornell University, will visit the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to share details about his culture and[...]
On Feb. 17, psychiatrist Thomas Tatlock will share his personal and professional perspectives on traumatic brain injury (TBI) with the campus and community at 4 p.m. in Room 109 of[...]
UW Oshkosh has received $39,000 from Vilas County Public Health Department for “Transient Non-Community Well Testing Program.” Greg Kleinheinz (Biology/Microbiology) is[...]
What can be done with the excessive algae that’s been washing up on Great Lakes beaches for several years? Can it be composted? Burned as fuel? Is it dangerous to swimmers? Such qu[...]
The UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations office has received the following death notices.[...]
Teri Shors, biology/microbiology, has been awarded a grant for professional activities through the teaching component of the Faculty Development Program for “Encounters in Vi[...]
Douglas Heil, coordinator of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Radio-TV-Film program, has won the prestigious UW System Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award for 2008.[...]