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With all of the pomp and excitement that goes with graduation — awards, speeches, caps and gowns — it can be easy to overlook the underlying reason for the ceremony...[...]
Click here to see more photos of UW Oshkosh’s December 2007 commencement. Click here to read how one graduate student was surprised at the ceremony.[...]

UW Oshkosh has received $1,980 from the University of Wisconsin System Office of Professional and Instructional Development for Spring 2008 Conference Development. Susannah Sandrin[...]
He might not see you when you’re sleeping or know when you’re awake, but he does have of a surefire remedy for holiday spirits in need of lifting.[...]
Craig Rogers, left, an art education and ceramics major and Jamie Masterson, an art education major, package up purchases for campus and community members at the annual Students Ce[...]
Donations made by education students, faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Services are piled beneath a tree.[...]
Click here to read minutes from the Dec. 11, 2007, Faculty Senate meeting.[...]
At the Dec. 11, 2007, meeting of the Faculty Senate, Nathan Gribowski reported on the activities of OSA, Lynn Freeman reported on SAS and Jim Simmons reported on the Faculty Repres[...]
Don’t assume students darting around campus with the telltale earbuds are rockin’ out to their favorite band — it might be a professor at the top of their playlist.[...]
When two UW-Milwaukee police officers were asked to teach a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course a mere five days after being trained themselves, one UW Oshkosh Police officer step[...]