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Five questions with UW Oshkosh's Brent MacWilliams, College of Nursing faculty member.[...]
In the final days before graduation, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh seniors have a lot on their minds ... taking final exams, packing up their books, putting the finishing touches[...]
The Engineering Club at UW Oshkosh provides students with opportunities to learn more about the engineering field through visits to manufacturing plants...[...]
Five questions with UW Oshkosh’s Steve Dunn, College of Business faculty member.[...]
WITonCampus, a subsection of WIT in Wisconsin, is a student organization designed to give women pursuing a career in the technology field an opportunity to network, serve in leader[...]
Five questions with UW Oshkosh's Jennifer Schuttlefield Christus, faculty member in the chemistry department...[...]
Seven hundred pounds of pork shoulder. Two thousand chickens. Nearly 40 gallons of sauce. Chef Fritz Niebergall wrangled quite a shopping list this week as he worked to plan, prepa[...]
The UW Oshkosh Advertising (Ad) Club is open to students in all majors. The Ad Club gives members an inside look at life in the advertising industry through agency tours, conferenc[...]
Five questions with Oshkosh's Laura Jean Baker...[...]
Meet Suzanne Marnocha--Assistant Dean in the College of Nursing and Jeff Curler Endowed Professor of Health Sciences.[...]