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Dr. Martin Viessmann’s dedication to renewable energy initiatives and training within his industry has helped dramatically advance Germany’s goal of carbon neutrality. The company [...]
The annual week is designed to introduce campus and community participants to a variety of thought leaders and topics related to social justice locally, in Wisconsin and nationally[...]
On March 6, the State Department of Administration (DOA) announced support for a feasibility study and installation of a family-farm-scale, 55kW engine, wet biodigester, referred t[...]
Furniture, TVs and other items from downtown Oshkosh's recently sold City Center Hotel nearly 180 rooms will be donated for resale at Habitat for Humanity ReStores throughout north[...]
Beginning this semester, waste receptacles in Reeve Union will collect food waste to feed UW Oshkosh's dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester, which produces heat and electricity [...]
The University becomes only the 25th institution to earn a Gold rating through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Trac[...]
On Oct. 19, the state legislature’s Building Commission authorized UW Oshkosh to seek design and engineering work for the estimated $26 million renovation of Clow Social Science Ce[...]
On Oct. 3, the UW Oshkosh faculty, staff and student team running the plant activated on-site turbine engines, combusting the gas and harvesting and selling energy. [...]
Food co-op, neighborhood revitalization and community garden proposals are up for a final vote and a $1,750 prize in Square One’s and the UW Oshkosh American Democracy Project’s ‘C[...]
In a series of video slideshows, Ian Griffiths of Sage Hall green architecture firm Berners Schober Associates Inc. offers deeper insight on the sustainable design innovations and [...]