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The Student Titan Employment Program (STEP) has held an important role in providing high-impact, campus-based employment for the students of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. No[...]
Two University of Wisconsin Oshkosh professors will dig into some of America’s most prestigious archives this spring to get the scoop on “genius” and literary journalists. Miles an[...]
UW Oshkosh faculty and student research could help entire industries adopt more environmentally-friendly, biodegradable container and packaging. They are also exploring how readily[...]
A vole (a fuzzy little field mouse) doesn’t appear to have all that much to do with a pachycephalosaurid (a dinosaur with a thick, bony cranium like a hardhat). Yet, separated by e[...]
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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Viessmann Group leaders jointly announced a major gift to the University to fund an endowment propelling one of the institution’s newest and mos[...]
Each year, students, faculty and staff at the state’s third-largest university devote time to research, and what they discover has tremendous value to entire industries, profession[...]
Parents of bullied middle school students often feel “helpless and hopeless” in the aftermath of reporting the abuse to school officials, said a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh res[...]
The science of teaching took center stage Wednesday at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Scholars Showcase.[...]
Bermuda is widely known for being a part of a mythological triangle and its paranormal disappearances of people. But 12 undergraduate students, two geology professors and two gradu[...]
Thirteen University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty members will spend time during 2012-2013 on sabbatical to pursue creative and scholarly efforts, working on everything from murals [...]