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Tim Thiede is the kind of guy who has nothing bad to say about much at all. So, he is naturally not one to groan about his former factory job. He’s merely being honest with himself[...]
Eighteen senior students who exemplify high academic and leadership qualities and a deep commitment to serving others will be recognized on May 11 as recipients of the Chancellor’s[...]
More than 1,200 undergraduate and more than 160 master’s degree candidates will become graduates of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Saturday, May 11. The 139th spring com[...]
The wheels on this bus do not go “’round and ’round.” In fact, there aren’t any wheels. Instead, the “drive” to school relies on a collect[...]
It’s a play whose story, however absurd, is not out of place during Earth Week. Mix the rapacious thirst for oil with themes of greed and environmental ruin. Then, add an occ[...]
In recent years, the UW Oshkosh campus has been undergoing a physical transformation with many much-needed improvements to our infrastructure. This issue of Engage highlights anoth[...]
A circuit of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh undergraduate research showcases that stretched from the New North to western Wisconsin to Madison and even Washington D.C. continued o[...]
It was a startling thought… In just one Reeve Memorial Union room, and in the 226 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh employees recognized, there were more than 2,500 years (2,52[...]
Opposites may attract, but they don’t necessarily last. If you had to sum up Fabiola Navarro’s research topic and findings, that just might cover it. The first-generation college s[...]
Wisconsin’s effort to make a bigger sonic boom in the aviation and aerospace economy got a tremendous lift thanks to an initiative born with the vision and assistance of a Universi[...]