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The wheels on this bus do not go “’round and ’round.” In fact, there aren’t any wheels. Instead, the “drive” to school relies on a collect[...]
It’s a play whose story, however absurd, is not out of place during Earth Week. Mix the rapacious thirst for oil with themes of greed and environmental ruin. Then, add an occ[...]
In recent years, the UW Oshkosh campus has been undergoing a physical transformation with many much-needed improvements to our infrastructure. This issue of Engage highlights anoth[...]
A circuit of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh undergraduate research showcases that stretched from the New North to western Wisconsin to Madison and even Washington D.C. continued o[...]
It was a startling thought… In just one Reeve Memorial Union room, and in the 226 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh employees recognized, there were more than 2,500 years (2,52[...]
Opposites may attract, but they don’t necessarily last. If you had to sum up Fabiola Navarro’s research topic and findings, that just might cover it. The first-generation college s[...]
Wisconsin’s effort to make a bigger sonic boom in the aviation and aerospace economy got a tremendous lift thanks to an initiative born with the vision and assistance of a Universi[...]
There aren’t many concerts on Earth in which the audience enjoys the strains of an aria only to, a performance or two later, swing to the jive of a vocal jazz group. The University[...]
An independent panel of food service operators from the across the industry named the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh one of the finalists for the National Restaurant Association 2[...]
Without faculty and staff, no students. Without students, no faculty and staff. And without either, the city of Oshkosh would be minus more than 15,000 vital educational and econom[...]