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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumnus Daniel Burrus ‘71, of Hartland, has done it all in the business and entrepreneurial world as a keynote speaker, business strategist and glob[...]
Wisconsin Hometown Stories, the popular Wisconsin Public Television series focused on Wisconsin community history, has made Oshkosh the focus of its next episode. For more than a y[...]
Tragedy did not stop a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumnus from writing and publishing a book with his daughter about her near-death accident.[...]
Few other universities in the nation can share a strategic-planning success story like UW Oshkosh’s. Learn more...[...]
March 16 statement from UW Oshkosh Chancellor Andrew J. Leavitt.[...]
“What UWO did for me was they gave me freedom to figure it out. Freedom to experiment, freedom to try things, like a hands-on experience. It was the most valuable thing ever.”[...]
Last week, three University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student teams earned a trip to Florida and a chance to win funding in the Alta Resources Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation [...]
While most scholarships established with the UWO Foundation benefit one or two students per year, the Jones/LaBerge Geology Field Trip Fund supports field trips for several classe[...]
UW Oshkosh pianist Eli Kalman has arranged an extraordinary concert with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra violinist Frank Almond on Friday, March 13 at 7:30 p.m. The concert will take [...]
Beginning March 1, Leslie Neal-Boylan became the new leader of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing.[...]