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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students have seen several new food options on campus this semester and can expect more change in the near future.[...]
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh music education and violin performance major Jacki Thering was one of two recipients of the 2008 Richard G. Gaarder award given out by the Wisconsin[...]
As promised, we’ve set up a process for the entire campus to discuss the survey results and to submit reports on this feedback by Jan. 23, 2009. Student governance groups will file[...]
A student group at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has been making last-minute preparations for a nine-hour telethon that happens every year. The National Broadcasting Society [...]
UW Oshkosh history professor Stephen Kercher will talk about the Black Thursday Oral History Project at 3 p.m. today, Nov. 6, during The Northwestern's Thursday @ 3 Live Chat.[...]
College of Southern Idaho (CSI) students are the latest to benefit from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s growing distance-education program.[...]
Upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1986, Scott Chicoine planned to use his political science degree to pursue a career in government, but a friend who knew[...]
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students cast their ballots Nov. 4 at Albee Hall, 776 Algoma Blvd. As of late morning, the waiting time to vote was minimal.[...]
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) efforts earned top honors from the 2008 Pride of CASE V Awards — sponsored by the Council for th[...]
Five University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students received awards for their speeches and written papers submitted for the 2008 Provost’s Summit on Teaching and Learning’s speaking and [...]