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A trio of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students will present their work in the Imposed Introspections exhibition at Matchbook Studio, 219 Market Street, Oshkosh, in May. The exh[...]
The University of Wisconsin System Academic Programs, Educational Innovation and Governance gave approval to UW Oshkosh for intent to plan a master of science degree in athletic tr[...]
The Oshkosh Student Nurses Association recently donated $25,000 to support the new College of Nursing history wall in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's extensively renovated C[...]
One of only four Bayeux Tapestry replicas in the world will be on display at the Engler Center at Chilton High School on Tuesday, May 10 as part of the ArtsCore program, a collabor[...]
Laura Hartman, environmental studies professor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, was selected as an National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholar from a national appli[...]
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will hold its annual Employee Appreciation Dinner and Awards Ceremony May 1. The event, which will recognize UW Oshkosh employees and those who [...]
Four Wisconsin nurses, including two University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumni, received Nightingale Awards earlier this month from the University 's College of Nursing.[...]
The 9th annual Wisconsin Science & Technology Symposium (WSTS) will be held at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh August 2 and 3. This two-day event is the year’s signat[...]
WRST-FM, the radio station on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week with an open house on Friday and Saturday. The studios are o[...]
When civic engagement became a new priority for University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty, James Krueger, professor of political science, was on the leading edge. For his tireless wo[...]