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This day in UW Oshkosh history – Jan. 8, 1996: A water main breaks in Kolf Sports Center, flooding the building’s lower level. Sidewalks around the University also buckled du[...]
This day in UW Oshkosh history – Jan. 6, 1899: The all-male Philakean Society is founded. Philakean, which means lovers of argument, is formed for what the members feel is a [...]
This day in UW Oshkosh history – Jan. 5, 1953: Jim Gantner, the first Titans baseball player to play in the major leagues as a position player, is born in Fond du Lac, Wis. T[...]
Flags will be flown at half-staff at UW Oshkosh from sunrise to sunset through Monday, Jan. 7, as a mark of respect for former Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus, who died on Jan. 2. Dre[...]
This day in UW Oshkosh history – Jan. 3, 1978: Oshkosh graduate Ernest Friabel (’59) reveals himself to be the individual who alerted the fire department about the Oshkosh No[...]
This day in UW Oshkosh History – Jan. 2, 2002: The Oshkosh women’s basketball team collects 31 assists, tying a record, against UW-Whitewater. The record was initially set on[...]
This day in UW Oshkosh history – Jan. 1, 1996: The Titancard replaces the UW Oshkosh student identification card. The Titancard allows students to make debit purchases and se[...]
The Provost’s Office and the Office of Grants and Faculty Development are requesting proposals for the Summer 2008 Graduate Student and Faculty Collaborative Research Program and t[...]
Michael Melland, UW Oshkosh Police Department chief and director of Protective Services, released information about an abduction and sexual assault that took place off-campus the n[...]

UW Oshkosh has received $1,980 from the University of Wisconsin System Office of Professional and Instructional Development for Spring 2008 Conference Development. Susannah Sandrin[...]