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If you like macaroni and cheese, give this a try! This quick and easy recipe entails just a few ingredients and one appliance just about every student owns--a microwave.[...]
Finals are right around the corner and you’ve been studying like crazy. Put the books down and make a 1-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug. What are you waiting for? Ingre[...]
The Engineering Club at UW Oshkosh provides students with opportunities to learn more about the engineering field through visits to manufacturing plants...[...]
We want to know what you love (or loved, or think you will love!) about UW Oshkosh. Share your reasons with us![...]
120 credits to graduate. 120 reasons to study at UW Oshkosh...[...]
Chris Annis, UW Oshkosh's American Indian Student Services coordinator, is junior Chandler Lackey 's #uwohero.[...]
UW Oshkosh is the first university in the UW System to offer a public relations (PR) major—the only certified PR major in the state.[...]
UW Oshkosh is now offering foreign language certificates, which give students a chance to showcase their foreign language skills.[...]
For many people, actually being on the campus of a college you’re considering is the most influential part of the decision-making process.[...]
14 things you don't know you needed to know about college
As a high school student, there are some things you may already know about college: there is more freedom, the classes are harder, you’ll meet a lot of cool new people, etc. But th[...]