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120 credits to graduate. 120 reasons to study at UW Oshkosh...[...]
Chris Annis, UW Oshkosh's American Indian Student Services coordinator, is junior Chandler Lackey 's #uwohero.[...]
UW Oshkosh is the first university in the UW System to offer a public relations (PR) major—the only certified PR major in the state.[...]
UW Oshkosh is now offering foreign language certificates, which give students a chance to showcase their foreign language skills.[...]
For many people, actually being on the campus of a college you’re considering is the most influential part of the decision-making process.[...]
14 things you don't know you needed to know about college
As a high school student, there are some things you may already know about college: there is more freedom, the classes are harder, you’ll meet a lot of cool new people, etc. But th[...]
Every year, UW Oshkosh sends hundreds of its students to a variety of countries around the world to examine different ideas and meet new people.[...]
UW Oshkosh offers a slew of resources, spaces and opportunities to make sure students have the ability to be successful.[...]
Accepted No matter where they’re from, Titans will find themselves welcome at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. There are countless, sports, clubs, support groups and organizati[...]
Most college students know the struggle of balancing school and work, but perhaps none as well as Tech. Sgt. Adrian Willett. Willett is an airman in the 115th Fighter Wing of Wisco[...]