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The College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Alumni Association Chapter at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has kicked off of a new cell-phone fundraising program.

Proceeds from the collection of used cell phones will be applied to education scholarships to help continue the University’s legacy of producing graduates who will lead the state and nation in the fields of teaching, counseling and human services.

“Donating a used, unwanted cell phone allows members from the community, campus and students to donate to an important cause without reaching into their wallets,” said Jim Hoffman, COEHS Alumni Association Chapter president. “The fundraising potential is almost limitless.”

The COEHS Alumni Association Chapter at UW Oshkosh has partnered with Shelter Alliance (, a Miramar, Fla., firm that specializes in the logistics and underwriting of fundraising programs that incorporate the collection and responsible recycling of used cellular phones. Shelter Alliance currently works with more than 2,000 social service organizations in 50 states and has contributed more than $5 million to participating organizations.

Cell phones and batteries can be brought to drop boxes at the following Oshkosh locations during business hours:

  • Titan Central, Reeve Memorial Union, 748 Algoma Blvd.
  • Choice Bank (concierge desk), 2450 Witzel Ave.
  • Choice Bank (customer service), 2201 Jackson St.

Founded in 2006, the COEHS Alumni Association Chapter, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Alumni Association, promotes the mission and goals of COEHS and the University.

The chapter serves the needs of COEHS alumni in such areas as programming, personal and professional development, continuing education, and relations among alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of COEHS. The first scholarship fund for COEHS students was founded in 2007.